Southeast Asian Earthquake and Tsunami Information

You've reached this page because you were searching about tsunami information in a search engine. Evidentially, my page has a high ranking in search engines, due to photographs I took from a band called "Tsunami Bomb". All searches to my page that contain the word tsunami are directed to this page.

Due to the recent disaster in Southeast Asia, there has been in enormous increase in people searching for tsunami related information, and as a consequence, my page keeps getting hit. I've created a small script to redirect all searches for tsunami related information to this page, to hopefully help those who are curious for more information related to this disaster.

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Helpful websites for Tsunami Information - Updated 12/31/2004

SEA-EAT Tsunami Help Blog
Wikipedia Page on Indian Ocean Earthquake
USGS Info on Magnitude 9.0 Quake

Donations Red Cross Disaster Relief
Habitat for Humanity International
International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Photo Galleries
Satellite Photos of Affected Areas
Yahoo News Wire Photos

Wave of Destruction