Nic and Kristen's Wedding - August 7th, 2004
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Last updated on August 18, 2004 by Dave Schumaker

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Here are various pictures in chronological order, taken from Nic and Kristen's wedding at the Luxor in Las Vegas. It was definitely a fun weekend. Congratulations to the both of you!

This is the view from our hotel room at the Excalibur, looking at the Luxor, where the festivities will soon take place.

View of the Luxor from the Excalibur

While hiding from the hot sun (and trying not to spend *too* much money) what did we do? Watch Sesame Street! I seriously forgot how awesome that show is.

watching sesame street in las vegas

Later that night, we decide to go out and check out some casinos. Obviously we have to look nice! Kristen kindly volunteered to iron my shirt! I had to capture this moment for posterity!

Megan gets lucky and hits a homerun, nearly putting an ice cube through the hotel window. (Note what we use as a "baseball bat")

Megan - Ice Cube hitting

A pile of friends...

Kristin, Nic, Dave, Nate

More cuteness!

Nic, Kristin and Dave

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